Elevate and Streamline Your Clinic Management

Navigate the future of you business management effortlessly and efficiently.

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Manage the Future of Your Clinic

Are you frustrated with generic solutions? Try something Fresh! Our clinic management software is exclusively tailored by clinicians who understand clinical workflows.

Upgrade Your Business Operations!

From AHPRA compliance to smart note suggestions, we’ve considered every intricate detail of your clinic’s needs.

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Effortlessly Accessible

Stop chasing doctors. With built-in telehealth, get scripting and treatment authorizations directly in the app in one minute or less.

Seamless Product Shopping

Experience a simplified shopping experience with easy access to our wide range of industry-leading products, all available at competitive prices.

Save Time, Reduce Hassle!

Our AHPRA-compliant clinic management software handles patient records and inventory, letting you focus on patients, not processes.

Smart Notes & Instant Access

From suggesting clinical notes to offering real-time inventory insights, our clinic management software is your new iOS companion.

24/7 Complication Management

Provide your clients with the best service with Adverse Event support from our experience doctors.

Designed for The Aesthetics Industry

It's not just dusted off, repackaged, and sold to clinics. Our software is designed - from scratch - for clinics, and evolved based on your feedback.

From our community

Trusted by thousands of cosmetic professionals

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    Everything you need is all in one place. Drs are always available for prescribing and professional support. This gives peace of mind for patients and myself. I have and will continue to encourage my colleagues to join the Fresh Community!

    Susan Harb

    Essential Laser & Cosmetics

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    I have found the service and support from Fresh Clinics to be exemplary. The training provided by was second to none, and the hands on approach was invaluable for the development of my clinic skills. I cannot recommend Fresh Clinics enough.

    Sammi Parslow

    CosMedic Collective

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    My passion is to make people look and feel their best and Fresh Clinics has supported me through this journey to success. Great community, efficient clinical systems & excellent Dr support network!

    Lisa Rush

    Lisa Rush Skin Clinic

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    Fresh Clinics is the absolute back bone of my business! Since day one the team have been willing to go to any length to ensure things are running smoothly. To any nurses out there looking to work independently in the injectables industry, joining Fresh Clinics is a must!!

    Sheridan O'Connor

    Cosmetic Nurse Sheridan

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    I've found Fresh Clinics to be extremely responsive and supportive. I've been able to grow from a part time injector contracted to other businesses to having my own stand alone clinic with staff and contractors.

    Kylie Duncan

    CosMedic Collective

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    Since setting up my own clinic, I’ve taken advantage of the training opportunities Fresh Clinics offer, which have not only helped with my injecting skills but have allowed me to invest in new treatments for my clinic.

    Felicity Ward

    The Fit Injector

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    Fresh clinics made my dream become a reality in the easiest way possible and guided me through the whole process of starting my own business. I feel so grateful to be a part of the team at Fresh, they offer endless amounts of training and support, and I know I can count on the team!

    Tayla Brennan

    Reclaim Health

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Optimise Your Clinic

Experience seamless management of patient records and enhanced compliance with our clinic management software — crafted by clinicians for clinicians — anticipating your unique needs. New to tech or want to maximise your usage? Our team will guide you through every step.

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Ready for a Clinic Makeover?

Overcome operational bottlenecks, ensure AHPRA compliance, and elevate patient care with Fresh Clinics — we understand your challenges and turn them into opportunities for excellence!