May 3, 2024

Injecting Innovation into the Cosmetic Industry

Written by: Fresh Clinics

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Injecting Innovation into the Cosmetic Industry

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Welcome to a new era of aesthetic enhancements. 

In an exciting training session exclusive to our Fresh members, we witnessed the thrilling launch of an exciting new product in the world of aesthetics, e.p.t.q.®, (Efficacy, Purity, Technology, and Quality) - a range of dermal fillers with an undeniable potential to revolutionize the treatment landscape, nurtured to perfection by the globally acclaimed Xytide.

We heard firsthand from Troy Guthrie, the Managing Director of Xytide, and Dr Jenny Kimmons, a renowned cosmetic doctor with nearly two decades of experience, who provided invaluable insights into the product. 

The industry-shifting filler was born in South Korea, home to some of the most advanced aesthetic medical treatments. Today, South Korea is recognised as a world leader in both injectable treatments and innovative devices, and e.p.t.q® fits seamlessly into this narrative. 

What makes e.p.t.q® stand out?

e.p.t.q® uses a unique technology that sets it apart from conventional HA fillers. It caters to an increasing number of clients seeking treatments for high-risk areas like the forehead, nose, and tear troughs – areas often considered tougher to treat.

What separates this technology from other fillers is its patented nine-step manufacturing process, and its CM technology, which guarantees a secure and pure environment. This technology gives an edge to in terms of resilience to tissue, the ability to remain cohesive after injection, and a robust safety profile - an aspect that has been boosted by considerable overseas experience and several clinical papers.

Case Studies 
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Drawing on Dr Jenny’s training session, some of the outcomes achieved using e.p.t.q so far are:

Patient one: A mature patient with lip lines and less volume was treated with S 100. The fillers were used to improve the volume in her lips and enhance the peri-oral area evenly.

Patient two: A younger patient had asymmetry in her lips corrected by injecting S 300. The patient retained her youthful look with balanced lips.

Patient three: A woman with a dramatic loss of cheek volume received a combination of S 500 and S 300 to lift her facial structure and enhance her appearance.

e.p.t.q® fillers offer strong projection using less product, which yes, means you get more bang for your buck! The incorporation of hyaluronic acid in the e.p.t.q® range enhances longevity, lasting up to 12 months in some patients, the benefit of which is explored in: Emerging Trends in Cosmetic Treatments: Longer-Lasting Hyaluronic Acid Products.

It is an excellent choice not just for lips and cheeks, but also for injecting into high-risk areas due to its improved safety profile and reversibility using Hyaluronidase.

e.p.t.q® represents a significant evolution in the field of cosmetic medicine, offering aesthetic practitioners versatility in their treatment options that deliver top-notch results.

The decision to launch e.p.t.q® exclusively with Fresh Clinics highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality, exclusive products to our Fresh Members. At Fresh Clinics, we pride ourselves on providing our strong community of Nurses with access to the best education and upskilling in the industry.

Not a Fresh Clinics member yet?  Reach out to our team today, call us, or schedule a time to chat below to discuss how to become a Fresh Clinics member and take advantage of Fresh initiatives today.

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