April 15, 2024

The Rise of Regenerative Medicine in the Aesthetics Industry

Written by: Fresh Clinics

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The Rise of Regenerative Medicine in the Aesthetics Industry

You may have heard about the latest advancement in the cosmetic industry: regenerative medicine. These new treatment offerings are bigger than ever - and they’re taking the industry by storm.

Regenerative medicine is an innovative approach that taps into the body's natural healing abilities to actively repair tissues and rejuvenate human cells.

Subtle aesthetic enhancements, also known as ‘tweakments,’ are becoming more and more popular in today’s cosmetic industry, and many patients are on the lookout for practitioners & treatments that offer a natural result. 

Regenerative medicine is a great option for practitioners who are looking to provide alternative approaches to holistic facial harmonisation, that are adjacent to more traditional treatment options.


So, should I offer it to my patients?

Consider diving into the world of regenerative medicine if:

  • You want to offer your patients a unique, non-surgical treatment that aims to improve wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, sagging skin, and fine lines
  • Your clientele is interested in alternative treatments, and want to enhance their natural features
  • You are looking to expand your treatment offerings in med spa to assist in growing your business

The future of regenerative medicine is bright, and at Fresh Clinics, we are committed to empowering you with the knowledge, expertize, and tools to offer new treatments to your patients. We educate our training team on new products & developments in technology at our Sydney Head Office regularly, to ensure we are always at the forefront of what is available to you.

rejuranOur Head of Training attended the Launch Symposium event hosted by K Bridge Medical, for their new Polynucleotide product, and was “so excited, because these products and technology are unlike anything we have on the market”.

She was also one of twenty nurses invited to attend an exclusive hands on training of the product following the event.

What is a Polynucleotide?

Unlike most skin boosters, this product is made from a polynucleotide DNA extracted from Salmon, which has the closest DNA base composition to the human body – making it the first of its kind in the market.

The product’s bio-active DNA assists in stimulating regeneration and repair, in return reducing inflammation and increasing the number of fibroblast cells. 

There are many different products and devices you can introduce to your med spa to meet the ever-growing market need. The best way to decide what is suited to your med spa's specific patient demographic is by attending exclusive supplier-hosted training through Fresh Clinics and speaking to your account manager.

Not a Fresh Clinics member yet?  Reach out to our team today, call us, or schedule a time to chat below to discuss how to become a Fresh Clinics member and take advantage of Fresh Training initiatives today.

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