April 24, 2024

The Importance of Ultrasound in Aesthetics

Written by: Fresh Clinics

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The Importance of Ultrasound in Aesthetics

The demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures is on the rise globally, which is why we strive to stay at the forefront of medical technology, equipping our community with the necessary tools for safety and adverse event management. 

In aesthetic medicine, ultrasound technology plays a crucial role in mapping previous fillers on the face and body, guiding injections in high-risk areas to avoid arteries, botulinum toxin in the desired muscle, and guiding hyaluronidase when necessary.

Ultrasound technology ensures accuracy in the administration of cosmetic injectables and allows for detailed monitoring. With the help of ultrasound guidance, a cosmetic nurse can easily view facial anatomy, particularly in high-risk areas, leading to a more precise injection and reducing the risk of adverse events. It also reduces the guesswork accompanying such treatments, bringing a newfound level of effectiveness and patient safety. 

Despite complications being reported, the presence of an accurate diagnostic instrument for identifying cutaneous filler deposits could potentially explain the link between the procedure and any adverse events. It's in this context that our pursuit of innovation empowers cosmetic professionals with precise diagnostic tools, and the ability to resolve uncertainties, and ensures our commitment to compliance and regulation within the industry. 

A Fresh Perspective on Ultrasound

For those seeking a fresh perspective on how ultrasound can enhance their practice, a compelling case comes from Cathy Wood, founder of Meraki Cosmetics. She recently integrated ultrasound technology into her clinic and has achieved remarkable success in implementing this technique for safer, more effective aesthetic procedures.
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In terms of adverse events, Cathy candidly shared an occurrence where she was called to assist in a vascular occlusion during a colleague's filler treatment. The ultrasound technology on hand equipped her to identify and swiftly treat the blockage. Cathy attests that having the ability to dissolve fillers using ultrasound guidance ‘significantly reduces medical complications.’

For Cathy and many other cosmetic nurses, ultrasound has become an indispensable tool in their practice, enhancing precision, granting satisfaction of better patient outcomes, and most importantly, making aesthetic procedures safer. 

Patients who know that their aesthetic procedures are guided by ultrasound, find comfort and assurance and are more likely to attend clinics that use this technology. Our very own co-founder, Dr. John Holbrook, “firmly believes that every clinic should have Ultrasound technology, and within the next five years, it will become an essential part of every Nurse’s toolkit.”

At Fresh Clinics, we always prioritize safety and stay on top of clinical education for our members, which is why we use our very own ultrasound technology on-site in our training facilities. Cathy recommends embracing the learning curve and mentioned, "I think it {ultrasound} is a hundred percent necessary because you've got experts in the field and top doctors who use it every day as well and have been using it for years."

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