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The Clinic Dashboard - a new gateway to growth.

The Fresh Insights Dashboards are designed to revolutionise clinic and patient management so that you have the tools to identify opportunities for business growth. 

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Get unmatched visibility into your Clinic's performance:

From patient demographics to product usage trends, these dashboards offer a comprehensive overview of your clinic's performance, allowing you to identify growth opportunities, streamline workflows, and drive continuous improvement.

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Keep track of your product usage:

Get on top of your product purchases, spend breakdown, and dosage trends for each product you use and stock. You can even see how these numbers compare to competitors, allowing you to benchmark yourself against high-volume clinics.

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REAL patient insights: 

Detailed patient demographics at your fingertips. Get in depth insights about your patients, from the split between new and returning customers to the time between appointments and average appointments in your clinic versus high-volume competitors. 

What is our community saying?

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    The new Fresh feature is so wonderful with all the data collated, and it is incredible to be able to benchmark myself against others. Once again, Fresh Clinics has outdone themselves with phenomenal forward thinking and such appreciated attention to detail.

    Malinda Michich
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    This is the reason my partnering with Fresh is so important to me, because it makes business an absolute breeze. The clinic dashboard is an amazing new feature. It has so many insights that really show me how my business is performing.

    Jess Horne

    Meridian Aesthetics

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Get started with Fresh Insights Dashboards and unleash the full potential of your practice. Whether you're an owner-operator, business partner, or manager, Fresh Insights Dashboards are your secret weapon for success. Don't settle for average—embrace the power of data-driven decision-making and join the ranks of industry leaders who are redefining the future of aesthetics. Your journey to success starts here!

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Dive into patient-focused data

A lightweight version of the Fresh Insights Dashboards, specifically crafted so you can stay on top of what matters most - your patients! Packed with performance metrics, detailed patient demographics, and insightful treatment insights, the Nurse Dashboard empowers you with a deeper understanding of your performance and patient interactions - opening new opportunities to up-skill and grow!

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