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Inventory Management - managing your stock has never been easier. 

A set of features in our Fresh App specifically designed for clinics like yours.


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Access these exclusive features,all from the palm of your hand

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Real-time alerts: 

Receive notifications when your stock levels are low, and view and correct your drug book balance directly from the app. 

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Order again:

Seamlessly repeat past purchases, by adding all items from a past order to the cart with the touch of a button. 

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Product insights:

View insights into each of your product's usage, dosage, and purchase trends, as well as the average dose per treatment. 

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Transfer stock:

Have multiple clinics? Easily transfer stock between your drugbooks, and automatically update stock levels at each clinic.

Yet another business insight you won’t get anywhere else,
Because we know your software should be designed to do the hard work for you.


Say goodbye to manual stock management — and hello to streamlined operations!

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    “The new Fresh app is so wonderful with all the data collated, and it is incredible to be able to benchmark myself against others. Once again, Fresh Clinics has outdone themselves with phenomenal forward thinking and such appreciated attention to detail.” 

    Malinda Michich
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    This is the reason my partnering with Fresh is so important to me because it makes business an absolute breeze. The clinic dashboard is an amazing new feature. It has so many insights that really show me how my business is performing.”

    Jess Horne

    Meridian Aesthetics


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